Café Macca

Our Animal Park is open. Our indoor areas are temporarily closed, including Cafe Macca and our retail areas. We have taken this measure to undertake a comprehensive review of our COVID-19 safety policy and practices to ensure we comply with government restrictions.

Café Macca the Macadamia castles café, offers a quite extraordinary range of delicious specialty food, with many unique dishes themed on our icon, ‘the Aussie Bush Nut’.

With a mission to incorporate as much delicious local, organic produce as possible into the menu, you’ll be delighted at the quality of the food – and the Macca Café boasts two baristas! There is a small playground in the adjoining courtyard, making this a welcome and relaxing pit-stop when your motoring up good ol’ Highway 1, en route to your holiday destination.

Special themed dishes include the legendary macadamia-infused beefburgers, the yummy pancake stacks dripping with caramel sauce, cream and bananas, and the macadamia-based, tangy cheesecake.

The Macadamia Castle is is enjoyed by over 300,000 holidaymakers every year, and the Macca café is open to all comers, including casual visitors or hungry travellers. If you just want to enjoy our food delights you are not asked to pay entry to the attractions and the grounds.

Learn more about our Cafè and see our menus please click here