Barn Owl Bird Ring Bearer


The wedding accessory you never knew you needed!

After four years of development and intensive training, we are ready to launch the coolest wedding accessory yet.

Socs our barn owl can be the special guest at your wedding.  As the rings are such an important part of the ceremony, when the celebrant asks for the rings, Socs makes his magical appearance.

The idea came from a former bird trainer who wanted Socs to be the ring bearer at her own wedding, and he has been trained to deliver a ring to the bride, groom or celebrant. During the ceremony, when it comes time to exchange rings, a gloved hand is raised and Socs will fly across the crowd to deliver the rings in a little pouch on his foot.

We can deliver this service at any venue on the Northern Rivers. We visit the location and undertake a rehearsal with Soc and then on the big day we arrive with a keeper.

One of the fascinating things about barn owls is they fly absolutely silently, you cannot hear a wing flap. This is what makes this service so special, the guests are quietly watching the ceremony and the Socs silently flies over guests to deliver the rings for a stunning addition to the special day.

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