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Owl experience. Socrates flies to you


Socrates the Owl flies to you.

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At present due to government restrictions relating to COVID-19 and social distancing we are not able to offer our animal encounters at present. We hope to be able to offer these again very soon. 

For owl and bird lovers, enjoy a truly breathtaking experience and marvel at our Barn Owl Socrates in all his glory.

Hold this majestic bird as it flies from our Keeper and remains perched on your gloved hand. Undertake some basic training before we take you to a secluded area of the Animal Park where Socs will free fly to your outstretched hand. You can learn some fascinating facts about these amazing animals from our talented bird experts.

You’ll learn about the unique adaptations that make owls such fantastic hunters, such as that Socs is completely silent in flight!

As Socrates is a quiet and shy animal this encounter is not suitable for groups or more than 2 people in attendance.

Daily at 12.30pm subject to weather conditions.

Price: $25.  Includes digital/souvenir photo

Daily at 12:30 subject to weather conditions and availability. Everyday except Christmas Day.

We encourage you to book online prior to your visit to ensure availability.

Book by phone (02) 6687 8432 or online





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