Frustrated with “shockingly bad service” from their Electricity supplier and Retailer AGL,  The Macadamia Castle took its first step to become energy independent with the installation of a 180 panel 45KW solar system in December 2014.

The new system powers close to half of the Castles electricity needs and as well provide Electronic Vehicle charging. The CT 4000 charging station is managed by Charge Point and is compatible with most electric cars available in Australia. It uses a J1772 plug. Currently the use of the charging station is free. You can also charge a Tesla on our CT 4000 Chargepoint station with a  Type 2 adapter:

The Castle is using 100% of the electricity it generates and so does not have or plan any battery storage. “As batteries become more efficient we may add some more panels and store electricity for night time and rainy day use.” Said owner Tony Gilding.

The installation was initially planned for the roof of the Castle but some giant trees overshading made this impossible. It was then that we discovered Smart Commercial Solar and Solar PV who are leading the way in solar Car Park structures. The advantage of a Car Park structure says Tony is that it can be placed in the best location to maximise sun. It can also provide shade for customer’s cars.

The Castle was also fortunate to meet Vicki Brooke and Robert Rosen and hear that they had formed a self managed super fund to help people like us finance solar structures.

So with the help of Smart Commercial Solar, Solar PV Vicki and Robert, The Macadamia Castle has become the largest business solar installation on the Far North Coast and the first EV station on The Pacific Highway. It is the only free solar powered charge station in Australia.

It has an expected payback period of 7- 8 years. Should you wish to contact the suppliers or get a quote for your installation they can be found on the Internet.

In Dec 2016 The Macadamia Castle opened a 6 Bay Tesla Supercharger station. Each bay can charge a Tesla in under 30 minutes.