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We are delighted to be included at number 3 of the Australia and the South Pacific’s Best Surf Destinations and Camps, a blog produced by FlightNetwork.com.

By October 29, 2018 February 19th, 2019 News

3. The Macadamia Castle  

Location: Knockrow, Australia

Best time to visit: Open every day but Christmas

Fee: $25 per adult

Those searching for an ideal way to enjoy a one-day outing in Knockrow, and fully immerse themselves in this popular district, should look no further that The Macadamia Castle. This animal park and fine food store has been the area’s most popular activity destination for over 40 years as their animal park, café, nut bar, fine food section and retail store provide a full day of entertainment and education.

As this destination is so close to the famous waters of Byron Bay, it’s easy to mix surfing into your one-of-a-kind outing. If you’re looking for a fun and relaxing destination to enjoy gourmet food and coffee, kids activities, education, nearby surfing, and so much more, The Macadamia Castle is a must.

Australia and the South Pacific’s Best Surf Destinations and Camps